Art Therapy Has Many Faces

An overview of the field of Art Therapy, a 20th century profession with its roots in ancient times and in creating in order to cope with pain. With images of clinicians from all over the world serving a wide variety of people, the film shows: the history and development of art therapy, what art therapists do to help people to create and reflect, the major theoretical approaches, the expansion of the discipline, and some of the reasons art therapy has grown so rapidly. Through viewing those directly involved in the process, the viewer will see how and why art therapy is so very powerful.
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Dr. Bruce Moon on Art Therapy Programs

Dr. Bruce Moon, Art Therapy Department, answers four interview questions about his career, his students, and a few other interesting topics. Tune in for an engaging topic about Mount Mary College or learn more at

Art Therapy Activities for Treating Depression

Art therapy can be very helpful in diagnosing and treating depression. Learn about effectively using art therapy with people suffering from depression by watching this free video featuring a professional art therapist.

Expert: Deb Shoemaker
Bio: Deb Shoemaker is trained in Art Therapy Assessments, DBT,and CBT.
Filmmaker: Rendered Communications


How Art Therapy Helps Patients and Parents in Hospitals

The Expressive Arts Therapy Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin helps patients and their families express their thoughts and emotions through art. The program goes beyond arts and crafts projects and into the imagination for creative stimulation, communication and coping. Visit… to learn more.